CMI Operates as White Cap Effective October 18

In October 2020 White Cap and CSG combined to better serve our customers’ needs. Since then, White Cap has been working to integrate individual CSG businesses into the White Cap systems and brand.

We are pleased to announce that Construction Materials Inc. (CMI) will fully integrate into White Cap business operations Monday, October 18, 2021!

If you are a legacy CMI or White Cap supplier partner and vendor, please be aware of the following EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 18:

  • Construction Materials Inc. has changed operating entity names and is now White Cap L.P. This is the name that should be used in replacement of Construction Materials Inc. on all legal and financial documents moving forward. To request a W-9 with the White Cap L.P. Operating Entity Name, please visit and use the “Contact Account Services” form found on this page.
  • For all Expense/Indirect Vendors, all billing formerly associated with CMI locations will need to be submitted to White Cap L.P. Please utilize the following information.

Indirect/Expense: PO Box 4946, Orlando FL 32802-4946
Fax: 866-319-4539
Utilities/Phone: PO Box 4937, Orlando, FL 32802-4937

  • All invoices and statements formerly associated with CMI locations will need to be submitted to White Cap L.P. These invoices will have a new remittance address of:

PO Box 4955
Orlando, FL 32802-4955

  • All POs formerly associated with CMI locations will now come from White Cap L.P. using the following information:
WCC – WC Headquarters
PO Box 4955
Orlando, FL 32802

  • Please ensure you carefully review the “Ship To” information on all POs. This ensures product is sent to the correct legacy CMI location and not mistakenly shipped to White Cap due to this change in company information. 
  • Please make sure CMI company data is updated in all respective systems accordingly to reflect this change.

Thank you for your valued partnership! We look forward to continuing to work with you to provide exceptional service for our mutual customers.